miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

The Witches. Diary.

Download the diary and start.
You have 20 weeks to read the book and write the diary.

Show it to your teacher the following days:

13th October (pag 5)
17th October (pag 17)
24th October (pag 27)
31st October (pag 40)
7th November (pag 54)
21st November (pag 70)
5th December (pag 90)
19th December (pag 111)
26th December (pag 121)
2nd January (pag 129)
9th January (pag 139)
16th January (pag 150)
23rd January (pag 161)
30th January (pag 171)
6th February (pqg 183)
13th February (pag 194)
2oth February (pag 201)

Deadline: 27th February 2012