domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Back to School

Welcome the this new school- year.

You are now in your 4th year and you are also a year older and I'm sure you have also grown in responsibility.
We are going to start a new project called "Diver Tic Tac English". You are probably wondering "Why Diver?", Diver has two meanings in Spanish: Diversidad (diversity) and Divertido (fun). We, the teachers involved in the project, want you to work according to your possibilities, that is diversity (diversidad), and to do it in a fun way (divertido).


We have a lot of ideas for you to work and during this first term we are going to work with MUSIC.

* The first thing you have to do is to choose a song to work with, take your time, it must be one you like as you will have to do different things with it.

* Once you choose it, write the name and the singer on your Blog and download the lyrics and the sound. you can also include a video from youtube if there is one.

* Using the lyrics to prepare some exercises for the class, go to Isabel Pérez web page to look for ideas

* The next step is to read the song like a poem and record it as you did with the poem last year.

* And finally you have to prepare a video-karaoke with the song