lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009


The first task you have to do now is a complete description of you and your family, the students from Madrid and Barcelona want to know you so, try to explain everything about yourself, not only your age and physical appearance but also your hobbies, what kind of music you like, what books you read, what are your favourite sports and what you do in your free time.

Describe also your school, teachers and subjects. Before uploading the information you can ask Silvia to correct mistakes (if you have some).

All the adjectives you need to describe are in this page, copy and paste this link in the

We are going to prepare a list with your names and e-mail address and we are going to prepare groups of three students, one from each school to work together in future projects.

Silvia is going to direct your work these days, you must think that a lot of people are going to visit your blogs, so.... be careful, try to give the blog a good appearance and follow a logical order when you describe yourself and your family.

I'll be there soon. Be Good!!!