viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

4º ESO

Unit 6. Teen Consumers.

Answer the following questions
  1. Do you like shopping?

  2. What do you like to buy?

  3. Where do you usually go shopping?

  4. How much money do you spend in clothes?

  5. How much time do you spend shopping every month?

  6. Which is the most expensive item you have bought?

  7. Which is the cheapest one?

  8. Do you consider you are influenced by adverts?

Imagine you are advertisers for a clothing company for teenagers. Prepare a questionnaire similar to the one in Exercise 6, pag 55 in your book and find out what kind of clothes and what colours they prefer and report the questionnaire and the findings in your blog.


Clothes: jeans, t-shirt, skirt, trousers, shirt, blouse, trainers, sandals, boots, tracksuit, pullover, jacket....

Colours: black, white, red, yellow. orange, green, pink, blue, brown...

Verbs: love, like, can't stand, don't mind, hate

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